Marine Comprehensive Integrated Transit Liability

This policy is specially designed for Freight Forwarders, Road Hauliers, Warehouse & Supply Chain Operators, Custom Broker, Cargo Consolidators, Container and Depot Operators, Shipping Agent, NVOCC and all other total logistics operators.

In your role as a transportation specialist, you perform numerous and diverse services for your customers. As a result, you require coverage to protect not only your principal activities but the scope of your entire operation as well.

This insurance scheme is a combination of liability coverage that enables you to tailor a blanket of protection to cover your transportation related risk exposures.

This scheme is basically consists of the below section:

Section A : Bill of Lading
Section B : Errors & Omissions
Section C : Bailee & Warehousemen Legal Liability
Section D : Third Party Liability
Section E : Special Container Liability
Section F : Custom Fines & Duties Liability
Section G : Fidelity Guarantee

Financial Loss (Errors & Omissions) RM 100,000.00
Each Accident / Incident / Occurrence and in the aggregate.
RM 3,500.00 or 2% of loss whichever is higher
Each Accident / Incident / Occurrence
Bailee Liability (Warehouse) RM100,000.00
Each Accident / Incident / Occurrence

RM 200,000.00
Total annual policy limit (Coverage C only)
RM 2,500.00 on each & every loss
Each Accident / Incident / Occurrence
Third Party Liability RM5000,000.00
Each Accident / Incident / Occurrence and in the aggregate
RM 1,500.00 on Each & every loss
Each Accident / Incident / Occurrence

Key Facts